Frustration is a cloud on the mind

It seems inevitable, with a distain for patience and little time for failure, my mind has become cluttered of late, like an old car stalling despite the mindset of a mechanic. I am bogged down in a tiny war of sorts, an internal feud similar to tribal unrest or an involvement in politics. Two main story ideas are flying in my head – both dangerous – both fat and juicy with possible promise and publishing potential.  Is it possible to work both at once – or do I risk throwing the net too wide and covering nothing in the detail required?Can I pull it off or will fear grab at me like a dope fiend?Film? colour>? what is likely to run in a spread, what can I afford? Angle? – hard hitting or more suggestive? Tell people what to see or give them option for though – can we trust them?  The first big step – the foundations are in place…a steady foot now, muster the mind, stride confidently with swagger and a quick wit…


1 Response to “Frustration is a cloud on the mind”

  1. 1 Daniel reaves December 1, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Very interesting. The way you see things is very different but, very similar…

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