Jesus God almighty

Well that was order of the day. Yes, today, on a sunny Sunday in Malta, I went to church again. It had a been a while – recent visitations being limited to funerals, weddings and an occasional flirtation with tourism. But at times our own wants and thoughts are forgotten, especially when part of your photo story leads you to a place you never otherwise consider. Another mild factor was that my grandmother, who coincidently is the main nerve of this work, told me I was going to the lords house, and where I come from, that means game over, dust off and accept the realitites.

It was a strange experience, people singing in unison praising some distant force with a conviction that gave me wild waves of fear. Everyone else was convinced in their movements however – I worried they would they notice I was often silent, twitching with a camera and avoiding the regurgation of prayer I had no belief in.

A young girl from South Korea stole the show. I was unsure if she had been scooped form the streets with the promise of a some fantastic prize – but apparently not. It was a baptisim, normally reserved for young screaming children with a fear of drowning. She took it well, and dryed her maine with the Ministers personalized hankichief.

Some time later I passed through a narrow maze of corridors and emerged in a free coffee and biscuit scenario. Were these shortbread pieces doused with a religious serum of some kind? Would I suddenly drop to the floor attempting top rip the evils from my soul? Unlikely I thought, and so I gobbled the tasty bread and coffee with wild eyes and my back against the wall.

I was soon chin bashing with the Koreans, one of them had spotted the rolliflex and that brought good talk. Then, I was accosted by Dorris and Glynis – 2 good old dears telling me I would be their type, only they would have too tough a time holding onto me. I snapped some off set portraits and it was time to leave. I will see them again, of course…they are photographic GOLD.




2 Responses to “Jesus God almighty”

  1. 1 sam t March 19, 2008 at 12:33 am

    peace be with you, god bless, inshalla………..

    enjoy yourself


  2. 2 Leonardo Wen March 19, 2008 at 12:43 am

    but… but…….. where are the pictures???
    My dear Adam, Gort is insane. That’s all I have to say….

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