deadline looming

Lets get drunk…hmmm…my mind is rejecting this siren call, a signal sent down the thought waves from my medula suggests something of higher importance. Strange as it may seem, this first serious deadline for college has given me a racing fever that I quite enjoy. Pushing high and fast on the wave of coffee, sugar with small timely doses of rest breaking the relentless task of piecing my work together. Currently I have roughly 110 scans – and in an hour the final batch, carefully compiled at the ‘Braun Theatre of Artistic Advance’ will push the total to 125.


Now the touching and frantic scramble for realisation – a moment to form narrative, while removing prior knowledge to attempt a fresh perspective…is it even possible? Who knows? 

Luckily I have some fresh eyes for critical output this evening…Max and Mona, both geographical neighbours, will form the selection commitee where tears and joy sit side by side and good things hopefully reamain.



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