Elephant: Initial musings

This term we have been assigned to continue the archival project on the changing face of Elephant and Castle. The theme we are to follow is ‘work’, with selected projects featuring in exhibition and book formats.

My mind immediately  goes to ideas of an underground nature – scenes I know little about, thereby using my camera as an entry into something new. The more obvious scenes – of local shops etc – fails to excite me, as I fear time spent will not reveal must of interest, but rather just answering a band of predictable notions.

I have been in contact with a local organisation that offers health advice and needle exchange. The idea is to follow a sex worker and document the hidden face of the industry – his/her daily routine – offering a humanisation a figure often cast in shadow and doubt.

I have submitted a proposal to the organisation – which i feel is the best approach due to their personal relationship with the clientele. On monday I will have a yes/no response from them regarding a collaboration.  


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