Elephant: Movement

It is over a week now since I obtained the contact number for ‘Sandy’. The past eight days have pulled my mind into questions about myself, concerning ability, hunger, reason and determination. These emotions were part of my daily phone call for an attempted meet, a flirtatious dance of sorts in an attempt to convince a stranger I was worthy of her time.

It has been more testing than working with the heroin crowd in Vancouver or the aboriginal people of Winnipeg, or anything I have done before for that matter. Sheer stubborness has kept the sharade flowing – and the verbal backing of some good voices. 

And so, just an hour ago I got an address and a time and a meeting for tonight carrying a new sense of belief, the type of lift most associate with opiates, strong drink or a first kiss. It’s time to meet Sandy. Am I scared? Probably not, certainly nervous, but allowing fear a stronghold of any kind would be both unhealthy and unproductive – besides, it’s way too late for that now.





1 Response to “Elephant: Movement”

  1. 1 sam t May 9, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    good luck Adam.

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