Elephant: a new horizon

Having pushed my mind in strange ways over my project with Shelly (Sandy) I was forced to make a concious backup plan. Having photographed her once it became increasingly difficult to make contact, let alone meet up. I had made a couple of fail visits, where I missed her due to an out call for a client. While understandable I was losing patience with the project and my own unanswered questions as to why I was not able to get into this thing in a proper fashion.

And so it was during a coffee break with mr Anthony Wallace, where he mentioned that he has seen some legal notices for squatters on some of the Heygate doors. The next day I approached one of these doors and met Tata Lor, Chris and Katalina – all from Romania. I described a rough idea for a project documenting their working struggle to keep their homes, while the council is simultaneously working to get them out.

The following day I went with Katalina and Tata Lor to try and help them with National insurance forms – i witnessed first hand racism on the part of the tax office, who made it virtually impossible to get what we needed. It was quite shocking, with conversations such as…

(Adam) Can we at least borrow your yellow pages to find out where Home Office is?

(Captain Race) Sorry

(Adam) You’re telling me I cannot borrow your yellow pages for 2 minutes?

(Captain Race) We don’t have one

(Adam) In a tax office you dont have a yellow pages?????

(Captain Race) This is not my job or my worry

(Adam) Well my man, sometimes you have to go above and beyond to help people out, or is that not a policy of yours either?

(Captain Race – with hand in air laughing) Its not my problem



Ok maybe that gets the message across.

That night I met a guy called Carl and he told me of two forced evictions the following day…I went along with my camera and have been practically living on the estate ever since…and the photographs seem to be coming along well…at last, a feeling of relief, involvement in something I both enjoy and am fascinated about.




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