Sæglópur for those who are not aware is a song currently helping me to push the keys – A Sigor Ros gem;


And so this is the last night. The last night prior to the Big Step or Leap or Push. Tomorrow I am a diver again. Moving into my next project. Perhaps my last period of extended free time. Time…not what a funny fucker that is. A strange little bomb of a word – disguised as innocent – but quite capable of an LSD style reaction on the mind…frightening splinters of reality, bulging eyeballs and no breath…real paranoia.

The sun is never far away in July, but soon this will change. Time will bring the darkness back again…but I will be ready, strong – solid grip. Make it all worth-while, a sad man proud – a rare smile in the face of failure – it is all possible, at least for a moment.

And now as the years push on, these moments come to pass like leaves soon will, fleeting through the vision, rarely noticed, at least not like youth. Time to kick the piles again? Why not? They always held so much possibility – real questions with immediate answers, things often evading me now, when necessary and seemingly more so.

Goodnight then old friend. Until you show your sickening face again, I salute you




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