A few words

I was reading an interview with photographer Alec Soth on americansuburbx which you can view here:


A few words of his really stuck out…

In the early days of photography, you basically needed to be a scientist to do it, now it’s getting easier and easier, but still, you needed a certain access to something. There were amateur photographers, but it’s to a whole different level now. This has huge implications on photojournalism. The majority of great photojournalist images are amateur images now, because they are at the right place at the right time with a camera, how do you compete with that?

My big theory is that in photography it doesn’t function as a narrative, but the photographer takes the place of the protagonist in the story, and you take the place of the photographer. I use the example of the last picture in The Americans, where Frank shows the picture of his child and his wife in the car. That picture makes you really think about him, about the journey. That’s what gets me excited about photography.


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